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Digital media and advertising are Samuel Walsh’s specialties. He has worked for Fox Sports in the On-Air Programming department as well as run the Marketing and Technologies department for a leading real-estate firm. His digital media experience is broad, covering video, photography, graphic design, and web development.

He has experience in advanced production software and equipment, including Adobe Creative Suite, sUAV drones, and live broadcast systems. He is skilled in unique video processing techniques such as multi-exposure time-lapse and HDR video capture.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, he has a proven foundation of Mass Communications and Broadcast Production. He has more than 5 years experience in local and national advertising, including print, digital, and social mediums.

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Samuel Walsh has worked in the media and advertising community as a director, videographer, editor, motion graphics designer, audio technician, and production assistant.

Over the years he has also worked as a cartographer and website manager. He has built static and dynamic maps with the industries leading software.

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